The plan

Rosy Guesthouse outlined their requirements as follows:

Marketing and Communications
Currently we have only one advert on a sole website. This advert unfortunately has a spelling mistake and incorrect information due to being designed a long time ago by a designer who no longer works with us. We are not sure of how to move forward with our marketing, which publications or websites are worth the investment, nor have the design skills to produce our own adverts. We would love to have some guidance on a revamped logo/brand for our guesthouse incorporating the different aspects of our business as we have developed and changed our services and facilities drastically since our first brand design on opening.

We do have a website for our guesthouse, but as per our adverts, our website was designed and produced by a designer who no longer works with us and we do not have the computer/IT know-how to be able to update the website to keep all of the information current nor to develop it further. I would really love to see our website revamped with a new brand design and look in a format that is easy for us to update new rates, special promotions, change photos or add more pages and content when we feel comfortable with the process. I feel that this would broaden our appeal to many travellers and enable us to show our business off to the best of our ability.

Accounts and Administration
This is the area that we feel we need to most assistance, indeed the area in which even the smallest help with procedures would help us to run more efficiently, see which areas of our business need tweaks or attention and enable us to spend more time with guests and addressing service issues or staff training etc. We do have an accounting system in place, self set up, but this addresses incomings and outgoings only, checking that the cash received matches the receipts for the shift. We have no set up procedure for checking that stock bought is sold and the money received, nor do we have any way of tracking our food costs or our food cost percentage to check that we are keeping within the desired amounts.

The guesthouse was furthermore asked to provide detailed business information on sources of income, occupancy rates, operating costs, etc. On the basis of this a plan has been developed by umiHotels to provide them with the best possible help during the exchange.

The Business Plan Outline
Firstly, umi will be improving the website, and brand proposition of the guesthouse to attract more direct booking and lower the cost of sales. We will make sure the website is able to be updated regularly as well as being visually more attractive and SEO compliant. We will target certain keyword phrases to make sure that we start attracting more people to the website and hence increase direct sales. This will therefore reduce the cost of sales on rooms (commissions) and increase profitability of the guesthouse.

Secondly, we will look at the rate strategy and see where, and if possible we can create a more dynamic pricing strategy and try and help Rosy’s increase their ARR and Occupancy.

Looking at the figures, it can be also seen that a lot of revenue actually comes from non rooms activities (tours and bar) and this is not actually very well highlighted online. By creating packages (hot air balloon package…. etc) we can create a more dynamic way of selling, offering more to the consumer and hence increasing sales. When looking through the site , and having been to Siem Reap, i don’t think it gives off the vibe of how fantastic the place is, and this is something that is sure to attract more customers.

We will look into the Wet Sales area (bar) and see if there are way of making it more efficient. We will also install checklist (stock sheets, cashing up etc) and spreadsheets (forecasts) to allow the managers to monitor the business better to ensure they are making the business as profitable as possible.

Time line week 1:

  • Arrive 24th Jan 350pm….
  • 25th Jan… Debrief with owners, meet the staff, look through systems in place and get a feel for the place. Start photography … Explain thoughts for website… vibe of what we plan etc
  • 26th Jan … SEO Training for Key Staff and Owners… Interview of staff and potentially guests in regards content generation for website… i.e best things to do/see/eat in Siem Reap and local area
  • 27th Jan …. SYSTEMS DAY…. Go through reporting tools and systems used and see how we can improve them/start them… again involving key staff members.. get reports in format appropriate for Guesthouse
  • 28th Jan …. Competitor Analysis… go around to a number of different hostels/ hotels in area… check rates on line and compare… offers etc to see where Rosys is compared to other and then create suggestions for going forward… SWOT analysis etc