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Hello, we’re umi hotels

Our mission is to provide a service-led environment known for its welcome, its passion for fun, its great value and a desire to unite people and cultures. To build a unique hotel we employed a unique approach. The focus was on building a brand with meaning behind it as opposed to just another hotel.

umi hotels logoTo build a unique hotel we employed a unique approach. The focus was on building a brand with meaning behind it as oppose to just another hotel. We worked closely with a young branding agency called the youth conspiracy ltd. who were given the brief to create something different and revolutionise the industry. Their process had young people at the heart of all development. It was this bohemian nature found in cities all over Great Britain from London to Brighton to Liverpool which really connected with a diversity of characters and personalities.

Steve Lowy: a brief biog

After his graduation, Steve travelled the world, getting to know a vast range of people, cultures and traditions. These experiences, twinned with his family’s heritage in the hotel / catering industries have fueled his love of the hotel industry. For any young hotelier hoping to break into the field, the hostel industry in the UK offered a great opportunity and became a strong training school for Steve when he set up a branded back packer hostel in the heart of London. It was during this time that Steve spotted a bigger opportunity. Over the 80s, 90s and early 2000s the 3 star hotel industry in Great Britain was an inconsistent place with an ever growing void between 3 and 5 star service. Steve Lowy began to appreciate that what most ‘everyday’ people wanted from hotel accommodation wasn’t what the industry was providing.

‘I realised that people wanted 3 star prices with 5 star service. It was clear that we needed to revolutionise the hotel industry and create a completely new category and language’.

Steve’s dream was to build a new product that would draw on his travel experiences and bring to life a service that would pull the Great British hotel industry into the 21st century.

I am really excited about working on this pilot skills exchange. I am sure we will really be able to help the guys at Rosy’s Guesthouse, as well as us learning more about the Cambodian culture. Providing the guys with a new website, explaining the intricacies of SEO and best practise throughout the business (from accounts to social media marketing), will really help their business thrive and make them appeal to a wider market. I think it is great that we can do this sort of project, and help reputable providers in the industry to continue to provide great accommodation to young people travelling around the world. I hope this will be this first of many ISTC skills exchanges.