New Horizons lll Report

This is the third New Horizons survey of global youth and student travel conducted by the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE Travel Confederation). The aim of the survey is to provide an overview of the global youth and student travel market, which was estimated to include over 20 million international trips in 2012.

The New Horizons research is the only consistent global survey of this important market. Since 2002 the survey has expanded in both scale and scope, and now represents responses from over 34,000 travellers in late 2012 and early 2013, drawn from 137 different countries.

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New Horizons lll – The Student Traveller

New Horizons lll Student Traveller cover imageThis specialised extract of data from the New Horizons III 2013 survey of youth travellers contains unweighted data from 11,290 students from all world regions.

The analysis includes all students who travelled in 2012, from all origin countries. Therefore the data refer to student travellers, rather than international students studying in another country for a period of time. The analysis includes those respondents who indicated that they were travelling for study purposes.

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Youth Travel Accommodation Usage – Based on Findings from New Horizons

yta cover-1This extract from the WYSE Travel Confederation New Horizons III survey contains data on Youth Travel Accommodation demand in 2012/13. The main sectors covered in this report are Apartments, Independent Hostels, Hostelling International Hostels, Hotels and Student Residences.

This research is based on data gathered from consumers, and therefore compliments and adds to the research already conducted by STAY WYSE (2012) on the supply side of the industry.

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The Youth Travel Accommodation Industry Survey Vol. 6

STAY WYSE is for the sixth year running reviewing the global business operations of the Youth Travel Accommodation Sector.

The STAY WYSE survey has rapidly become the most comprehensive study of the Youth Travel Accommodation Industry worldwide, and it is the only consistent source of benchmarking and comparison by world region, country and a number of key cities. In addition, this year, for the first time, consumer data will be fed into the report, which will provide important economic impact information.

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The Power of Youth Travel

poytIn this report you will find a collection of case studies from the private sector that reflect the knowledge and expertise of the industry in meeting the needs of their young, dynamic customers.

There are also excellent examples from industry associations and agencies of how developing partnerships, creating joint strategies with government and tourism authorities and building the capacity for youth travel makes a demonstrable difference in both social and economic terms to global development.

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Industry Review No.3: Product Development

This time the research focused on the five major sectors represented by WYSE Travel Confederation, namely Language travel, Higher Education, Exchange/Work Experience, Volunteer Travel, Higher Education, Exchange/Work Experience, Volunteer Travel, Backpacking/Adventure Travel.

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Industry Review No.2: Pricing

A research-based industry review from secondary sources, compiling recently available data on industry matters that affect members’ businesses and include areas such as youth travel market dynamics, mobility, pricing, customer preferences and marketing.

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Industry Review No.1: Data, Statistics & Trends

The first piece of research ”Industry Review No.1 – Youth and Student Travel Market Data, Statistics, and Trends”. This study was conducted as a secondary market research study. The aim was to identify, review and gather the accessible sources.

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Youth Travel Accommodation Industry Survey  Vol. 5

STAY WYSE has for the fifth year running reviewed the global business operations of the Youth Travel Accommodation Sector. The study is commissioned by the Association in order to establish crucial business metrics and identify trends in this dynamic sector.

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New Horizons ll

Updates a benchmark study conducted in 2002 which identified the motivations and unique travel characteristics of the millions strong global  movement of young travellers. Through this updated study,WYSE Travel Confederation endeavours to further advance an understanding of the unique travel motivations, activities, booking and spending habits of young travellers.

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