An update from Rosy

Simon and I, as the owners of Rosy Guesthouse Siem Reap Cambodia are very pleased and excited to be involved in the pilot ISTC Skills Exchange. Since our successful application for the project Laura Daly from STAY WYSE has been keeping us informed and updated on the project and introduced us to our partner for […]

Re-branding Rosy

Well, things have been hotting up with the ISTC skills exchange over the past week or so. Steve and his team at umi, have been working on the branding of the Rosy Guesthouse, coming up with various concepts and being in constant contact with the management at Rosy’s Guesthouse. The ideas have been bouncing around […]

ISTC Launches the Skills Exchange Project

To support the mission of ISTC to increase international understanding through the promotion of travel and exchange opportunities amongst students, young people and the academic community, ISTC is launching a new innovative industry initiative to encourage the development of youth and student travel providers in lesser developed countries. Major areas of the world lack developed […]