Forecasting … Check…. Budget for 2011 …. Check

Today has been another day of numbers, statistics and looking into a crystal ball trying to predict what will happen in 2011. Rachel did really well with yesterday’s homework and managed to compile the data in regards rooms revenues and occupancies for the past two years. She then put those figures into a spreadsheet that […]

Ahhhh Figures, Budgets and a new logo!

Hey Guys Hope you are all well where ever you may be. I am currently sitting on the lovely balcony at Rosy’s Guesthouse overlooking Royal Palace gardens and watching the Siem Reap “rush hour”. This morning started with budgeting! Ahhhhh i hear you cry and yes it is not much fun staring at Excel spreadsheets […]

And an afternoon in front of a PC

After the excitement of the morning helping out at the school, the guys from Rosy Guesthouse and I sat down to discuss the future with their website, explained a little about SEO and generally had a really good brainstorm about what the website should look and like and what content it should have in. We […]

It started with a school

So an early start to day in Siem Reap with a knock on the door at 730am and off to work we go! I accompanied Simon, who runs Rosy’s Guesthouse with Rachel, to a charity funded school about 15 minutes out of town from the guesthouse. The school was called ABC’s + Rice and is […]

We have lift-off!

From Steve Lowy (umiHotels): Wow… this has been a mammoth journey.. 21 hours in total.. and sadly I have not been able to sleep at all. So am not going to write too much as I can currently see 3 keyboards. Rachel (the owner of the Rosy Guesthouse) met me at the airport and we […]