Skills Exchange

The Skills Exchange Initiative will use the expertise of our global community of youth travel professionals to help youth travel organisations in emerging and lesser developed countries to develop the student travel infrastructures, management systems, products and services that will help them to create commercially sustainable organisations.

istc_logo.pngExperienced professional staff from our community will be placed with organisations in the developing world and the staff from these organisations will in turn work within our community’s member organisations.

A Skills Exchange pilot project was suggested by STAY WYSE, the sector association for youth travel accommodation, and the ISTC Board agreed to present it to the AGM. It involves a hostel-to-hostel partnership between a STAY WYSE member and a hostel in the developing world.

STAY WYSE contacted over 300 hostels in the developing world requesting their participation in the Skills Exchange Initiative. The interested parties were asked to complete an application form, describe the help they required and provide proof of registration. An estimated 10% of those contacted responded, of which one hostel, Rosy Guesthouse in Cambodia was selected to participate.

STAY WYSE put the requirements of Rosy Guesthouse to its membership and one it’s members,umiHotels, offered to provide the skill sets required.

Mikael Hansson, CEO of Hostelling International and STAY WYSE Board Member, enthused, “I think this joint initiative is fantastic. It is great that by working together we are able to assist the industry in emerging markets and make those businesses feel part of the bigger community. By creating this joined-up thinking, it should stimulate these new markets, creating new members for the WYSE Travel Confederation and reinforcing its position as the global body for youth travel.”

Click here to read more about this pilot project.

Email us if you are interested in participating in future skills exchanges.

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