Rosy’s final feedback

We asked Rachel from Rosy’s Guesthouse to provide us with their feedback on the Skills Exchange. Click here to read their initial requirements (before the project started) and see here for a detailed description of the help given during the Skills Exchange and most importantly what they learnt as a result.

As the Pilot Skills Exchange draws to a close, and Simon and I are reflect on all that we have learnt and gained from the project, albeit it a whirlwind for the two weeks that Steve was here and the difficulties involved with online communication only both before and after Steve was with us regarding all of the marketing material/website etc, we are both very happy to have applied and very grateful to have been chosen to participate. We feel that we have learnt lots from both Steve and his team with the design processes involved in each separate item, as well as more information than we thought we could take in regarding online social media, marketing and targeted ads. The suggestions and push in the right direction in the office is invaluable and yet completely logical and something that we are already putting into practice and seeing results from since Steve has left. The accounting advice given was explained to us in a way that we could completely understand and is something that we will be able to build on and develop in the future and that I am very keen on developing further as soon as we are familiar with the first steps taken. As a result of talks with Steve during his time here, and understanding more about organisations working together as the project went on, Simon and I became open to the idea of joining the STAY WYSE organisation and its benefits to those in the travel industry and have started the application for joining as the first individual member in Cambodia.

I hope that Steve from umi Hotels, his teams are umi marketing and 2am media also gained from this project and that there was something they could take from it, I’m sure they hadn’t worked with Khmer script on signage before! I know that Steve has developed some connections with several local charities here which he is keen to strengthen now back in the UK. We are glad that others in our community of Siem Reap have also benefited from the Skills Exchange.”

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