We have lift-off!

From Steve Lowy (umiHotels):

Wow… this has been a mammoth journey.. 21 hours in total.. and sadly I have not been able to sleep at all. So am not going to write too much as I can currently see 3 keyboards.

Rachel (the owner of the Rosy Guesthouse) met me at the airport and we made our way over to Rosy’s via Tuk Tuk… My first impression is that it is busier than I remembered from when I was here in 2003 .

We arrived at Rosy’s and all I can say it is a real home away from home. The rooms are great guesthouse rooms with TV, DVD and fridge, great little bar in reception and a really friendly atmosphere from both staff and other guests.

I managed to stay awake to sample some of the local cuisine from the kitchen at the Guesthouse, which was lovely and spicy!!! It is now about 28 hours that I haven’t slept so am going to call it a night.

Tomorrow the skills exchange starts with me going to a local charity and helping demolish a building, then going through the full process of SEO (search engine optimisation) and building a great website for the guys here to really show off what a great place Siem Reap is and what a lovely place to stay, the Rosy Guesthouse is. Really excited about it all and looking forward in keeping you all in touch with what is going on

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