An update from Rosy

Simon and I, as the owners of Rosy Guesthouse Siem Reap Cambodia are very pleased and excited to be involved in the pilot ISTC Skills Exchange. Since our successful application for the project Laura Daly from STAY WYSE has been keeping us informed and updated on the project and introduced us to our partner for the exchange, UMI Hotels founder Steve Lowy, in December 2010. Steve has been in constant contact from the onset with ideas and suggestions; his enthusiasm for the project and genuine wish to assist us in whichever way he can has been integral to the progress we have made so far.

Over the past few weeks Steve and his team have been developing a new Rosy Guesthouse brand/logo. They were very willing to incorporate our ideas, suggestions and preferences into the development of this and we now have a new logo in its final stages which we are really happy with. As Simon and I live and work in a different time zone to Steve and his team and could not meet face to face all communication was via email which was a new experience for us and not without its challenges, but I feel that it worked out very well. We were extremely happy with the response and step by step approach of the design team to reach a logo which we are happy with. We are now in touch with Steve regarding the website design, on which his team is currently working, and even though we are still in the early stages it is looking innovative, fresh and exciting to us. We ourselves have been busy collating a stock of photos which we feel show Rosy Guesthouse, its rooms, bar and community to its full potential, as well as our favourite photos from our six years of showing guests, friends and family around the magnificent Angkor Temples and our selection of other sights in Siem Reap.

We are very much looking forward to meeting Steve next week face to face when he arrives in Cambodia both in terms of showing Steve why we choose to live and work here and also progressing with the Skills Exchange itself. As well as showing us how to update and alter content for our new website I hope that Steve will be able to offer suggestions for us to implement best practice into all aspects of our accounting and stock flow procedures and develop a business plan for us to maximize our guest bookings and revenue per booking by incorporating packages and drive sales of recommended, local tours and experiences and also advise us how to maximize our guest bookings via successful advertising. Furthermore we hope to learn more about the STAY WYSE association directly from Steve, a member of its board, to understand how the association can help both its members and those traveling today. We hope that Steve will enjoy his stay in Siem Reap and we have several days planned for him to experience the Angkor Temples as well as our personal selection of must sees when visiting Siem Reap. We are delighted that Steve has chosen to donate his time and some much needed equipment to the Globalteer Soccer League whilst he is here; several of the local charities we work with will directly benefit from this kind act.

We hope that this pilot study of the Skills Exchange is successful in terms of achieving the original goals set by ISTC and STAY WYSE and continues for future years to give others working in the youth travel and accommodation sector in the developing world the same opportunity that we are very appreciative of.

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