Re-branding Rosy

Well, things have been hotting up with the ISTC skills exchange over the past week or so. Steve and his team at umi, have been working on the branding of the Rosy Guesthouse, coming up with various concepts and being in constant contact with the management at Rosy’s Guesthouse. The ideas have been bouncing around and the logo is now close to being finalised. Next step … the website!

Laurence, the designer in charge of creating the new Rosy brand said “It has been an exciting time developing a brand on the other side of the world. It has allowed me to research one of the most beautiful places on earth and consider the implications of making the brand work there. It has also been a very useful experience working closely with Rachel and Simon in developing the logo with their local knowledge and expertise. As we do not communicate face-to-face it has been an interesting process engaging with Rachel and Simon in order to get the brand to almost complete state, but I feel that it has been a successful one.“

On top of this, Steve has been in contact with a local junior football league and has kindly donated his time, as well as some equipment he will bring over from the UK, to assist the league on his Sunday off in Cambodia when he is over there. Steve will coach a team on the Sunday, and will also donate bibs, training cones and goalkeepers gloves to help the local young people of Siem Reap enjoy there football even more.

There should be more updates early next week as the websites start getting built before the project kicks off on the 24th January.

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