ISTC Launches the Skills Exchange Project

To support the mission of ISTC to increase international understanding through the promotion of travel and exchange opportunities amongst students, young people and the academic community, ISTC is launching a new innovative industry initiative to encourage the development of youth and student travel providers in lesser developed countries.

Major areas of the world lack developed infrastructure for our specialised industry, limiting the availability of student travel opportunities in these areas, as well as trading partners, products and services for the rest of the ISTC community. This initiative will use the skills and expertise of our global community to help build our global industry and create new and meaningful youth travel experiences in emerging markets – providing access for young people in these markets – and strengthening our worldwide network of programme opportunities.

The Skills Exchange Initiative will use the expertise of our global community of youth travel professionals to help youth travel organisations in emerging and lesser developed countries to develop the student travel infrastructures, management systems, products and services that will help them to create commercially sustainable organisations.

Experienced professional staff from our community will be placed with organisations in the developing world and the staff from these organisations will in turn work within our community’s member organisations.

Through the exchange of skills and exposure to best practice examples, the exchange will provide practical support to the development of organisations and programmes that serve young travellers in these areas. Furthermore it will help develop new products and trading partners to the ISTC community and an appreciation of the challenges organisations in the developing world face.

Email us if you are interested in participating in future skills exchanges.

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